Egg Drop v1.0

This was a very exciting and fun project for me. It started with designing a 3D model of a base that would snap on the bottom of a Phantom 3 drone. After that I wrote some code for a ESP32 microcontroller. This code made the device act as a webserver, so as long as my phone and it were on the same network, they could communicate. This also involved a bit of HTML and CSS to design a simple launch user interface.

I soldered a SG90 servo to the ESP32 and measured the amount of rotation that was needed to pull back the cargo arm. A small 5v battery pack powered the controller via USB.

From the ground, everything was working great. I have yet to test this device in the air due to weather conditions... I will update this when I am able to fly it.


I purchased an 8 port 10/100 managed Cisco network switch to get a more hands on approach to computer networking principles.